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How to Make Paper Beads

Making paper beads is the perfect way to recycle and use junk materials and paper. Recycling has been made more fun, and instead of throwing away these junks, you can use them to come up with creative ideas. Making paper beads is an art that goes back in history, but today many people are using it for various reasons. Most of these artists that make the paper beads are now using them as part of development projects hence the shifting away from the aids towards different organizations to provide the right income and development opportunities. Before you start making these paper beads, you must have certain important tools for the job. Firstly you need color pages from the junk magazine or any other paper, scissors for cutting the papers to smaller pieces, pen or pencil, toothpick, and glue. You might add other items depending on your needs.

You should first place the paper face down on the working surface. You should then use your pen or pencil to mark the important parts of the junk paper that you will cut. It is important that you have these marking in a triangular shape for easy joining. You should then proceed to cut the paper to the shape you want and use the right measurements. Depending on how you want the paper bead to be, you can always increase or decrease its width. You can also try out the different shapes of the paper bead so that you choose the best one that can meet your needs.

After cutting out the triangular shapes, you need to turn the paper down and apply some glue to the pointy end of the paper. The right amount of glue should be added, and in most cases, a tiny bit of the liquid glue is enough. The next step involves rolling the paper bead starting at the wide end. You should ensure that the paper is rolled past the glue carefully and also ensure that each spiral at the end of each bead is balanced. There are certain factors that should be considered in case you want the beads to last for long. You should, therefore, roll the paper bead tightly so that there is no space between the layers. After you finish rolling, you should also glue the tip of the paper bead to the rolled paper.

The next step involves the application of varnish or any other solution you might have. Give it time to dry well so that it does not get sticky when one holds them. You can also hold it with a toothpick until it gets dry. You can, therefore, use these steps to make as many paper beads you want. After they have fully dried, you should dip each paper bead in another solution and then leave them in the open air to dry. There is a high chance that these paper beads will not stick to the toothpick when left to dry. The same techniques can also be used to make other products like earrings and bracelets

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