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Achieve your financial goal

Small Business Loans For Daily Expenses.

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Building a Brighter financial Future & Good Support.

Make paying more rewarding, more convenient and more seamless with the bank you trust. We offer products and services for your personal and professional banking needs.

Every transactions on is safe and secure with the best data encryption you can ever imagine

Services that we are providing

High Performance Services For All Industries.

Receive money

Now, with ATG bank, you can send and receive fund across borders and continents.

Send Money

Our local and internatuonal money transfer is swift as we have provided the very best avenue for to transfer of funds accros countries in minutes and instantly.

Pay Online

With ATG bank, you can make payment for all your utility bills on ecommerce websites and ATMs across the world

Business Loan

Easy Grants for SMEs and Large Scale businesses for real eatate, construstion etc.

Since 1992
Why Choose Our Bank

We Promise Sustainable Future For You.

Understanding money is the key to financial freedom. Money is like a seed, when you plant it multiplies, this is why ATG Bank has created a system to help people understand money and plant seeds to Success. The world is yours!

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Easy Application Process For Any Types of Loan

Ever Imagined Banking without rescrictions, delays and 'hickups' ? Well it doesn't get better than this.

Since our incorporation in 1992, we have helped millions of people across the globe with international standard of banking services by proving cost effective loans and funds securirty for the betterment of global economy.